My whole experience with Upward Bound has been tremendous. I got to meet with a lot of people that I have not met outside of camp. It’s nice to talk to people you don’t know. I have learned a lot. Some people are failing so that’s why we have the teachers here. People don’t want to go to tutor so when they get there grades they are shocked. That’s how most of the people are. Upward Bound has showed me that I can be whatever I want. I have learned a lot about all my classes. The main class that I like the best is apprentice doctor. Continue reading

My whole experience with Upward Bound has been


Everyone got up early in the morning. Then we was on the road for two hours and we had a rest break. They gave us donuts and water. We finally got back on the road and we didn’t get there until eleven thirty. We arrived at the Muhammad Ali center. Upward bound stayed there until two thirty. After we got back, we went to the Cheese Cake Factory and they gave us thirty dollars for us to get what we want. After all of that, we went to the Mall St Matthews. They let us look around to see what we like. It was a really good trip and I enjoyed it. We all got back on the bus. I was really happy and tired I wanted to go home and relax. When I got back that day we had a floor meeting. I was really happy that I got to go to Kentucky. It was a great experience to learn about. When we went to that Ali center we learned a lot of stuff about him. Some of the things in the video I did not know he did. I was really shocked. We took a lot of pictures and we got to go into the gift shop and play games.

Everyone got up early in the morning. Then

The things that I love to do in the summer is spending time with my family. My family will always come first.  I enjoy hanging with my friends during tha summer and spending time with them. I like to go swimming in the summer. Its always hot so why not go cool off lol. I also like going to the movies and going to camp to see my friends that dont live here.

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